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I just want her lips that i kiss and kiss till i fall asleep and in the morning awake with my lips on hers.
Every since i stopped you know what, i've had a more daacad fantasy of girls. More romantic. Im becoming more xalaal. 🤔
Btw the whole zina thread was empathetic
I was showing i understand why pious muslims commit zina and the blame is not theirs. Its easier to have zina cuz marriage is made unattainable.
Yam Stew
I know the feeling. I too feel that way about a girl.
Let go for now but trust your worries in your faith instead.
God will lead us to who needs our hearts most!
Yam Stew
There is a better way, because true love isn't attachment it is rather trusting truth because the truth of a person can break a million fantasies but if you can take it make that person will mean so much more in so much more surrealness to your actual life.The girl you love can be yours only if God wills it.

Take your time saxiib, faith will come through.
I’d suck the chlamydia off Somali girl pussy before I simp for a white girl
Damn bro, since when did you become a Somali Supermist? :francis:
Assàwt n- chàt-Tamashàq
Itlab-nen àlhorriya
D-inizdjam n-timgharen
Izzaghnen dagh-issàhra
Wàrlen aman tàcherràd
Tàsnin ihet mànna