Who’s your all-time favorite sports player👀


Having a favourite sports player or having a sports players name on your shirt is kinda gay. Think about it, you think another man is much better than you to the point you praise them by idolising them and wearing their name over your chest. Feminine behaviour ngl. Fix up.


Vince Carter’s thunderous dunks. Yea, I could dunk a ball in high school, but that cat flew in the air.

He was never truly a superstar or an all-time NBA legend, perhaps not a first-ballot hall of fame, but he drew crowds and attraction in every arena.

Check out his dunk on a 7 footer during the Olympics of 2004?.

Also, I like the raw speed of a 100 meters finals dash in the Olympics, both the female and male finals. No machine, no gadgets assisting to propel you forward but brute, unadulterated human force. I get amped 😂