Somaliwave features request thread


My new walaal @Caafimaad gave me enough confidence to actually write out my request:

I like this place a lot, I was just thinking if you could chance the reaction feature a little? They are very limited imho, so here are some things I think would make the peeps go crazy:

1.I like the iPhone emojis, maybe bc you see them a lot in memes etc. Maybe that would work in here too?
Us qaxootis like to abuse these emojis: skull emoji, clown emoji (works like a dislike button almost?), heart emoji (not the heart eyes), 100 emoji, laughing emoji, thinking emoji, cap emoji (means that something's a lie/you're lying)
BUT you could add a thumbs down emoji too. I just think these emojis would make a lot of users happy bc I enjoy receiving and giving out ratings and I feel like it's limited in here

I will be back if I find other suggestions!
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