Scientific Importance Of A Clan


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Jan 14, 2019
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scientists did a test couple years ago comparing 2 soccer players, 1 in brazil and the other in Detroit here. Both boys received the same training, but somehow the boy in brazil was tremendously better than the boy in Detroit. So what does this mean?

Compared to the boy in Detroit, the boy in brazil was better because this skill is a collective skill in his community, not just an individual. Meaning the whole community is involved.

There was also another test done to mice, where scientists would put a rose flower IN front of mice and when the mice went towards it they would be zapped. What scientists found out is the mice stopped going to the rose flower all together, and it didn't end there. The mice later produced children and scientists recorded that the whenever those offspring's smelled a rose flower they would freak out.

see clan is not just an individual thing, its a collective thing. Whatever skill is shared between a clan will remain with them for a while