New updates and Google Adsense


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Some changes to expect in the following week or two:
  • Fixing last page threads not pulling up
  • New website theme
  • Better reactions
  • Looking into fixing spoilers
  • Adding the forum sections that are the most requested
  • Adding more tags
  • Looking to increase upload size limit and to add gif pfps
  • Fixing the tag system

Lastly, as you noticed we added Google Adsense. Today was the first day of being approved on Adsense, we apologize for all the intrusive ads. We've fixed that and made the ads as minimal as we could. The purpose of Adsense is so the website can pay for itself and to buy more themes/upgrades.

Please comment below if you want to suggest anything or point out other bug/glitches.
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May Allah swt protect and preserve Farmaajo
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One bug on my end is that I’m limited to leaving only a like reaction. Whoever has a similar problem press like on this message instead of quoting