Girls, do you have any period horror stories?


This is probably going to lure in all of the guys with period fetishes so lemme take a moment to ward them off with these freaky amulets
There, all safe and sound.
So! Have you chickens and girls ever had any embarrassing, awkward or grueling moments because of your period? I was at my university once when my period randomly started. I get it preeeeetty bad so I ran to a public bathroom and blacked out on the floor. Surprising that nobody walked in on my dead corpse for 15 whole minutes. 3CFB43CC-D9DB-45B9-B1C4-1BFB44DA854D.jpeg

Oh, and I also stained my pants.
Periods are dangerous. Bleed with caution.E0BE2AA4-FCF1-4917-B05B-0D1F49DF80E7.jpeg


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One time I had accident & my period came early, I took off my sweater & put it around my waist. Then I took taxi to home. The look of driver at back seat when I was leaving. Honestly there was not any spots at seat.