Djibouti gov't launches Africa's biggest free-trade zone


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Djibouti is building Africa's largest free trade zone. It is expected to carry out trade worth $7 billion within 2 years and create 15,000 jobs after its completion.

The $3.5 billion project is funded by China and will span 4,800 hectares. The first phase kicked off in 2018.445233AC-389C-4DF5-ACAF-D5100A76DC0F.jpeg83166BE0-7FDB-4322-A8E0-874423CEDA70.jpeg


The average Djiboutian does not and probably will not in the future benefit from all these 'developments'. Chronic unemployment in Djibouti is all I remember since I was a kid. Trifecta curse of corruption, nepotism and mismanagement reigns over the Dark Continent.