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  1. Yaxaska'Afgoye

    View of the agricultural power house JOWHAR

    الصومال بالعربية (@So_Arabic) Tweeted: نهر شبيلي عند منطقة حينتوي القريبة من مدينة جوهر في جنوب الصومال. نهر شبيلي يجري ١٥٠٠كم في الصومال قبل أن يصب في المحيط الهندي. #تعرف_على_الصومال الصومال بالعربية (@So_Arabic) Tweeted: لقطة جوية لمدينة جوهر و محيطها...
  2. Yaxaska'Afgoye

    🚨🚨Al Jazeera/qatar attack Kheyre after the split!!

    Al Jazeera English (@AJEnglish) Tweeted: PM Hassan Ali Khaire is a dual Norwegian citizen who once worked as a primary school teacher in Norway and also for the Norwegian Refugee Council before joining the British energy explorer, Soma Oil and Gas.
  3. Yaxaska'Afgoye

    Ethiopia fully annexes 18km of hiraan region .

    Adam (@adancabdulle) Tweeted: Per a Somali parliamentarian, Ethiopia has captured 18-KMs of Somali territory around the international boundary in Hiiraan. So far, there’s been no statement from @TheVillaSomalia The promised Horn of Africa intregation endorsed by N&N and...
  4. Yaxaska'Afgoye

    The greenery of Qooryoole lower shabelleh

    Mudane (@Somalization) Tweeted: Mashallah, beautiful city of Qoryooley in the district of Qoryooley in Lower Shabelle. My family used to tell me stories of how they used to enjoy the scenery during school holidays in my grandfathers farm in this city. I shall visit there one day❤️...
  5. Yaxaska'Afgoye

    AMA tine with @qoshiro

    Abdul Aziz (@Abdiaziiz_Daud) Tweeted: Someone told me this is Daynille without Make up. 😂😂😂 @Samia_Mahmet Daynile is one of the few districts I've never been to how true is this ninyaho ? :dame2:.
  6. Yaxaska'Afgoye

    Congratulations to the good folks of banadir

    Harun Maruf (@HarunMaruf) Tweeted: One of the MPs who tabled the allocation of 13 seats for Mogadishu @mahadsalad says he is excited his motion has been signed up by 130 lawmakers and passed by the Lower House today. @Xalimooy
  7. Yaxaska'Afgoye

    Police men loyal to N&N regime murders 70yr old man

    In cold blood , reason? The 70 yr old shopkeeper refused the policeman 2000 shilling ($0.08) For a single cigarette DalsanTV (@DalsanTv) Tweeted: Family and Friends of 70yr old Omar Moalim moan the shopkeeper shot dead by a #Mogadishu policeman over a tattered 2000 Shillin note ($0.08)...
  8. Yaxaska'Afgoye

    While SomAlians march for a pornstar

    Familly of Young Abdirahman salaad are in need of justice . The teen was shoot 6 times , the officers and police department havent been charged and familly are in need of justice ✊🏿✊🏽✊🏾✯ (@thxblxckbxy) Tweeted: 5 months ago Abdirahman Salad was 15yr’s and was killed. Shot Three times by...
  9. Yaxaska'Afgoye

    Farmajo loosing his reer abtiy support

    After getting covid19 equipment from the donors via farmajo and opening a N&N office in lascanood , reer buhudoole Are now angered by Farmajo meeting with bixi without a lascanood rep .
  10. Yaxaska'Afgoye

    Life after xabsi of somali political prisoner

    Loved by his neighbour , The outspoken of the past 2 SFG admin retired military man Taliye Muse ramoole aka Landheer cadde Enjoys life after prison , bringing in tourists from all over to take pics with him and enjoy the beautifull sands of jazeeradah
  11. Yaxaska'Afgoye

    Update on a old thread .

    Not sure how many of yall remeber this thread I made 2 years ago on somalilane . Samia Mahmet (@Samia_Mahmet) Tweeted: Cabdalla wuxuu jaamacad ka qalinjebiyay 2018, wuxu so bartey puplic administration. Wuxuu u dabaaldegay sanadkii 2aad oo uu shaqo la'aan yahay. Ma aha dabbaaldeg farxadeed ee...
  12. Yaxaska'Afgoye

    Dr Abiy makes it clear no elections in somalia .

    With already 30k+ non amisom ethiopian forces in Somalia , more heavy artillery and soldiers arrive in baidoa to get ready for xamar invasion and parallel government . baidoanews (@Baidoanews) Tweeted: Thousands of Ethiopian troops are now arrived in Baidoa
  13. Yaxaska'Afgoye

    Qatars man and farmjo boss has kenyan..

    Passport . Is funny how the pro Ethiopian posters on here are spreading these rumours that HSM has Kenyan passport when the whole time Mr cheese boss and al Shabaab financier Fahad yaasin had Kenyan passport since 2013 .
  14. Yaxaska'Afgoye

    13yrs ago (june8 )today we lost father of the nation .

    ADEN ABDULLE OSMAN DAAR (father of the Somalia ) popularly known as Aden Adde, was a Somali politician who served as the first president of Somalia from July 1, 1960 to July 6, 1967.[1] A leader of the Mudug Regional Council, he was the first President of the Somali Republic present-day known...
  15. Yaxaska'Afgoye

    N&N regime give a job to a famous failed journalist.

    After N&N propaganda team faired duqbilow , they went ahead and hired failed journalist Abdirizak terra oromo .
  16. Yaxaska'Afgoye

    Somali minister afairs goes tik tok

    Ministry of Foreign Affairs 🇸🇴 (@MofaSomalia) Tweeted: Please join our new accounts in TikTok: 1- 2- 3- #Somalia #Somali This app is the new wave :rejoice:
  17. Yaxaska'Afgoye

    Pro N&N idp mercenaries march in xamar today!

    This is a follow up on the development of the pro N&N idps that will be marching today for 4$ 👇🏽 Abdusalam Salwe (@ASalwe) Tweeted: Hoggaan markii la gilgilaba u isticmaalaya...
  18. Yaxaska'Afgoye

    Pro N&N protest after failed parliament session due on sunday .

    Adam (@adancabdulle) Tweeted: #LOL After MPs booed the president today during his address to the parliament; @TheVillaSomalia in conjunction with Banadir Regional Admin planning to organize a pro @M_Farmaajo protest in Mogadishu. FGS has often relied on vulnerable IDP populations to make...
  19. Yaxaska'Afgoye

    Reer hargeisa come out to support #BLM

    Khaalid Foodhaadhi (@KFoodhaadhi) Tweeted: People in hargeisa are showing support for the protest against killing of George Floyd and voiced for the global movement of #BlackLivesMatter They carried photos of Floyd and the #AllLifesMatter slogan in show of support.