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  1. shecallmeabdi

    Somali businessman killed in south africa

  2. shecallmeabdi

    Dr. Hawa ABDI has passed away

  3. shecallmeabdi

    FBG duck died

    Tuff :wow: BD’s keep on scoring
  4. shecallmeabdi

    Is she hxbxshi or colombixn?

    Thanks bro I missed y’all lol
  5. shecallmeabdi

    Is she hxbxshi or colombixn?

    Afro Colombians are a thing dawg many afro latinas look like her
  6. shecallmeabdi

    Is she hxbxshi or colombixn?

    Colombian :diddydatazz:
  7. shecallmeabdi

    Racist Karen attack’s Somalis on tiktok

    What’s up with all these racists on tiktok :wth:
  8. shecallmeabdi

    Somali educational achievement - Lambeth, UK

    Outperforming caribbeans and cadaans :heywhatsup:
  9. shecallmeabdi

    Indhoyar on tiktok viciously attack’s somalis

    Someone already posted it :thefuk: @Fayrouz my bad
  10. shecallmeabdi

    Indhoyar on tiktok viciously attack’s somalis

    Is this your king reer kpop? :oday2:
  11. shecallmeabdi

    Tariq Nasheed the fake black activist

    :gaas: Chittick, Neville (1975). An Archaeological Reconnaissance in the Horn: The British-Somali Expedition, 1975. p. 127. Johnstone, Paul (1989). The Sea-Craft of Prehistory. Routledge. pp. 180–181. Chittick, Neville (1980). "Sewn boats in the western Indian Ocean, and a survival in Somalia"...
  12. shecallmeabdi

    wtf i am being blackmailed by a user on this site!

    How did she get your info? lol
  13. shecallmeabdi

    A gay son or a gaal son?

    Gaal son hands down
  14. shecallmeabdi

    What’s going on in Mogadishu?

    Is this where we’re taking our kids for dhaqancelis :wth:
  15. shecallmeabdi

    Somali men can you stop with all the crime, I am so embarrassed to be considered Somali because of this

    Criminals come in all nationalities idk why you’re making this a Somali issue :oday2:
  16. shecallmeabdi

    Chinese people in Toronto being bullied

    That’s the price they pay for eating bats and killing uyogurts fuck them abahawas!!!
  17. shecallmeabdi

    Can someone give me a rundown of Somali clans?

    Join that forum and debate them :erdogan:
  18. shecallmeabdi

    Would you

    Nah the mother of my kids can’t look foolxumo
  19. shecallmeabdi

    Why i fell sorry for Tutsis

    Death to hutus they wish they had cushitic features lil midget qashins