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  1. shecallmeabdi

    Somali businessman killed in south africa

  2. shecallmeabdi

    Racist Karen attack’s Somalis on tiktok

    What’s up with all these racists on tiktok :wth:
  3. shecallmeabdi

    Somali educational achievement - Lambeth, UK

    Outperforming caribbeans and cadaans :heywhatsup:
  4. shecallmeabdi

    Indhoyar on tiktok viciously attack’s somalis

    Is this your king reer kpop? :oday2:
  5. shecallmeabdi

    What’s going on in Mogadishu?

    Is this where we’re taking our kids for dhaqancelis :wth:
  6. shecallmeabdi

    This man will save Somalia

  7. shecallmeabdi

    When will we defeat alshabab

    All I ask for is a shabab free somalia :mjcry: when will we eliminate these tyrants I can’t stand seeing my folks die because of them :snoop:
  8. shecallmeabdi

    Kenyan politician says Kenya and Ethiopia should annex Somalia

    This gorillas on crack :wth:
  9. shecallmeabdi

    Question for somalis from Kenya

    Do you guys know if a Somali architect designed this building? :ohhh:That’s what I’ve heard, it’s the tallest building in Kenya btw
  10. shecallmeabdi

    Trump loses it on twitter over impeachment

  11. shecallmeabdi

    When you’re with your non somali GF in public and spot ur hooyo

  12. shecallmeabdi

    Baby preacher

    Laandheere energy #IfOnlyHeWasMuslim
  13. shecallmeabdi

    Undercover filming reveals racism in key Brexit Party campaign

    Somalis get mentioned at 1:30
  14. shecallmeabdi

    How do you raise you kids to perform the best academically without tiger parenting?

    I want my kids to kill it in school but I don’t wanna tiger parent them into becoming socially awkward docile qashin :spiderman:
  15. shecallmeabdi

    Manlets are getting desperate

    Shameful specimens
  16. shecallmeabdi

    Best podcast in the history of podcast!!!

  17. shecallmeabdi


    These sheboons are something else :gucci:
  18. shecallmeabdi

    Xawaji stench

    Worst smell on the planet :stank: don’t get me wrong it taste good on food but the stench is torture :scust: worst part is that the smell gets trapped to your clothes and when you go outside people can smell it:wow: when our poor habaryars cook with this nauseating spice the fumes will get...