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  1. Goray

    Twitter Tip needed

    If you want to mute over 1000 people that you've been following, please share any tip that you're aware to quickly mute all of them without trying each one of them individually. Thanks.
  2. Goray

    This is cruel: ICE says international students whose universities move to online-only this fall must transfer or leave the US

    We have a retard as president and a cruel administration. They're now weaponizing student visa and forcing foreign students to sit in class while they can't force the citizens. Even if the schools opted for online classes, they want the foreign students to leave the country. This is madness...
  3. Goray

    Mexicans are blocking Americans from Coming to Mexico

    It used to be Mexicans and other Latinos crossing the US border, while Americans - both civilians and government personel - were arresting them, putting them in detention centers, and then deporting them; however, due to Covid19, Mexicans are today blocking the Americans from coming tino their...
  4. Goray

    Can Someone IP Ban the Guy with the Gay Images?

    Please look for way to automatically block the porn images and videos? It is sick seeing this. Disgusting. Waryaa khaniis, nagala tag qudhunkaaaga nacalaa aabahaa ku yaale. Qudhunkiisu la wareegayaa. Xabaal kaa yar ku dhac. Hadba mid nolosha ku qudhmay baa meel nagaga soo baxaya.
  5. Goray

    Prank .....Hargeisa Style

  6. Goray

    Sarah Silverman on #COVIDIOTS

  7. Goray

    Is this Black Panther 2.0?

  8. Goray

    Octopus Garden

  9. Goray

    BioNTech: COVID-19 vaccine co-developed with Pfizer showing strong immune response in early trial I can't wait for this vaccine, as I'm sick of being confined to my home. In Ohio, the Covid19 is surging again.Let us hope this vaccine will be available...
  10. Goray

    Spitting and Comedy in Somalia? :oops:

  11. Goray

    Entebbe-Kampala Expressway in Uganda

    East African states are really developing and all we (Somali) do is to throw dick-matching, gullible arguments.
  12. Goray

    Clouds Professionals come here

    Did you do the certifications? Give me hints on how long it took you and which areas of the clouds did you focus on: PaaS, SaaS, IaaS?
  13. Goray

    Elbuh, Sanaag Mother Child Hospital
  14. Goray

    After 126 years, Mississippi’s state flag bearing Confederate battle emblem REMOVED

    One of the positive outcomes of BLM protests (y)
  15. Goray

    Trump called Angela Merkel Stupid

  16. Goray

    California shakes up, says all trucks and vans must be electric by 2024
  17. Goray

    Barro Astaamaha lagu garto Cudurka COVID-19

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  19. Goray

    Somalis finally embraced wildlife conservation

    (y) (y)
  20. Goray

    Eedo Canuck, Free my Nigga Kalahari

    If not, there is going to be a departure of NA from this forum. :D