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    Ethiopia has white Muslims?

    Hollywood lol Also is that actor Ethiopian? Lol looks straight Mathow
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    LMAO at this Kenyan "Intelligence" site

    What do you guys think? I can't tell if this is a genuine Zionist site or Kenyan sheegatos pretending to be Isreali. has 99% Somali news, and its all pro Kenyan. Click a random article and just read one, the grammar is horrible, and it reads like it comes...
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    My friends were brutalized LMAO

    Salaam all I have a story for you all, happen last night Before I begin though, I just wanna say, wallahi this didn't happen to me, happened to my friends. I already know some folks here will think I swapped places in this story :beli: Anyways me n 2 of my buddies were out grabbing some fast...
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    What are your thoughts on the Brazil/Amazon Global Crisis

    I've been reading on this and I'm curious. Apparently the Amazon is the Earth's Lung, but 60% is in Brazilian territory. To make money for a developing country they've been industrializing and clearing out the forest but that's allegedly going to end the world through climate change I've seen...
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    WE'RE IN THE NEWS LMAO (Alt Right coming for Somalis)

    The Alt Right are SHOOK LOL
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    NUCLEAR UPDATE 📰🗞😱👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 (Good News Swave Members)🎉

    Alright guys, BIG Update mashallah. So first, I sent a 13 Page Document to the reporters last night. This essay a detailed chronological timeline of their forum postings in regards to Ilhan This morning, I woke up to a flurry of emails :sabu::sabu::sabu: They all want to know their personal...
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    Update: Potential Article Coming Out on AJ/Duchess This Week!!! 📰🗞❗

    Hey guys, figured I'd give an update. I was contacted by the reporter again I'm also in talks with a second reporter from Mother Jones, inshallah we'll see where that goes Wallahi billahi i won't rest until AJ & Duchess identities are plastered all over CNN prime time news with Jake Tapper...
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    AbdiJohnson and his site are under investigation In August 2016, as Omar was poised to defeat a longtime incumbent from the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party primary for a state legislature seat in Minnesota...
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    Which ethnicity struggles the most in online dating?

    I always thought Hindis and Indhoyars would be alone at the bottom but actually they're black tier, which is the bottom Also look at the cadaan stats, wow colonization is real. :dead:
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    Saqajaan outed

    How are you gonna lecture a prostitute. Probably thinks it's his way repenting:mjlol:
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    Hindi guy with the CRINGE first kiss

    :sabu::sabu: it's too much
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    Somali Bus driver disciplines UK Chav

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    Muslim convert has 10 Wives

    Guys we need to get moving. 5 mins in the Deen and he secured 8 women, what do we have to show for ourselves :mjcry:
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    Funny Cadaan Brawl LMAO

    Wallahi this is too much. Please watch. Two separate fights break out, and on top of that some WWE music is playing in the arena while this is ongoing :dead1::dead1::dead1:
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    Controversial opinion

    I think macalins beating the living hell out of their students is somewhat effective My parents put me n my brother in a dugsi to learn Qur'an with a couple of other Somali kids. I was the youngest at the time, just 5 years old, while my classmates ranged from 8-10 Anyways, my macalin was...
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    Most awkward moments in your life?

    Here's one of mines This was back in the day of VHS tapes. We were fresh immigrants and were very gaajo back then, so our only entertainment was bootleg VHS tapes to watch DBZ on. My siblings and I were hooked on this crazy show, and my parents didn't care since it's just a cartoon Anyways...
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    Soo gal and post interesting Moral Dilemmas

    I'll start A random six year old and your grandfather are drowning but you can only save one. Who do you choose? To make it interesting the 6 year old is not Somali What do you do:jbhmmm:
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    Where does the rumor that Ilhan married her brother come from?

    Like look at this shit These cadaans are projecting their incest (see Alabama) to us
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    Funny story

    There were a couple of Afican/Caribbean guys in one of my lectures An cadaan guy was talking to me and some Yahuud guy and confided in me he regularly confused who is who The weird thing is the African was 6'4 and the Caribbean guy was 5'8:gucci: I said to the cadaan " They are a foot apart...