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  • started workin out again. Upper-body intensive. Aim : to be ripped not bulk. Intensity:medium. Frequency: everyday
    Reason:to remain strong, Attractive body is also a plus
    I double checked and apparently ahmed ghazi wasnt descended of ali ibn abi talib, he was only standing infront of him in a dream. Darod are back in the ahmed ghazi claim game😎
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    I realized folks have Us Puntlanders where they want us. Dal-gooni manihin, therefore dhib iyo disrespect ayey nagu heyn donaan either with al-shabaab/GM if not politically. IRIR have created a new Order ever since 1991 and they call the shots. But AY weakened that Grip With Fedralism. Now it has become apparent "politics" iyo buuq is their oxygen. Next and final solution is PIM.wallahi o billahi o tallahi🔫🔫🔫
    im gonna retire from Forums for good. It just doesnt entertain me anymore. Reasons:
    Politically im Puntlander
    The politics here is gagab/khasab/madax-adeg/disrespectful
    Twitter drama i dont Care for(racial or halima)
    I dont like interacting with Unionists
    I came on forums to teach History. Done.
    Way too many non-somali lurkers
    Look what they have made of the noble Harti. What they have made of the noble ogadeen. What they have made of the noble Marexan. What they have made of the noble Jidwaaq. What they have made of the noble Gerri. What they have made of our dear Tanade. Look what Darod Ismaaciil have become.
    We are muslim then we are our father's children: Darod ismaciil al-jeberti.
    Hearing the word "somali" makes me sick to my stomach. Oh allah bi fadl laylatul qadr let us all return to tribal kingdoms as we were before. i want nothing to do with other tribes, and no amount of fear mongering will make me love them or view them as allies. I am Muslim, i am Darod, my country is Darodiya. Ya allah.
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    May your tribalistic dua never be accepted. You munafiiq fool.
    Do not interact with me. I want nothing to do with you nor your smart-mouth
    You are a loser tribalist munafiiq hence why you responded in such a cowardly manner.

    Tribalism landed many of your forefathers in jahannam. Accept it. It's a low iq habit.

    I dont dislike hawiye fyi
    To me theyre just a random somali tribe like ajuran galjecel xawadle madhiban etc. Cuqdad is beneath me. But i learn from history.
    mog wont be capital and kismayo will be the new capital. Hawiye do hawiye and Darod do Darod. We'll see who stays relevant and becomes first world. We'll see who reigns supreme in the Horn in a few decades. We'll see who needs who truly. "Hawiye aa ehe"
    The most beautiful part is isaaq are somalilanders and thus have no say, dir are under isaaq hegemony. Who's left?
    No one😁😁
    Capital is ours baby!Unukaa leh baby!😁😁😁
    Lay off the meds and enjoy the month of Ramadan sxb .
    Im thinking of Owning property in both America And Puntland🤔
    Probably by a lake in Minnesota.

    I dont think i wanna fully leave America. Its great bussiness opportunity here.
    I wish i could time travel
    And that it wouldnt effect the present outcome
    But i can still interact with people(kind of like another dimension)
    I would time travel to the 70s somalia
    And 2002 minneapolis, which is when most of my friends and family came to minneapolis. I dreamt lastnight i time travelled to 2002 minneapolis. Everything was calm and normal with slight difference in street and buuldings, clothes etc.
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