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    What’s up with these alt-right Coptic weirdo crybabies on twitter

    A guy asked me if I was hotep. I looked at him and said I was insulted :gaasmygod: Told him my people don't dabble in that BS Then I check Swave and see there are indeed hooyoteps:snoop:
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    What do you think of quranists?

    Gaalo To be Muslim, you need to make Salat To pray salat, you need the Hadith/Sunnah Case closed
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    Iraqi defense minister says ," I want to f you sex sex sex"

    At least our FOBs can hold their own :dead:
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    Iraqi defense minister says ," I want to f you sex sex sex"

    Huge FKD bomb on them by the Other Arabs at the table now:sabu:
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    Do you guys think she is cute

    Sounds like unintelligeble Arabic to me :sabu:then again regular Arabic is unintelligeble to me :sabu:
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    Would winning lottery make you happier?

    Id donate it, Haram money Besides, the grind is what makes it worth it:rejoice:
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    Should people be allowed to identity as whatever race they want?

    I am ahead of the curve Depending on the argument, I can be cadaan Mathow or Arab :lolbron:
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    Our fake Sheikh shadeed Muhammad is married to two halimo

    Fake news , malab is the best way to convert people to your side, he would've said some coon stuff if he had 2 Somali women
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    when was last time anyone here picked up a kitab?

    lol everyday bro even at my absolute peak laziness I always read on Jummah
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    [Serious] Why is there so little pressure...

    ik a lot in STEM and a couple in Business wouldn't say we have an education issue in our communities, school is something every somali ik was pressured in
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    Your boy aporophobic the wise,the truth-teller

    So everyone just gonna ignore he called everyone bastards in the same breath he asked for our duas:gucci:
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    Have you EVER been BULLIED?

    Honestly no Alhamdullilah, I was usually among the tallest kids growing up, so only idiots used to go at me :sabu: I had people step to me couple of times, but win or lose as long as you fight back they tend to not start stuff again
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    Daddies back 👅 💦

    Mashallah I got you hitting the gym I see:mynicca: Don't worry I never DM Maya like I said I Would :lolbron:
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    I’m back

    Who is it? Don't keep me in the dark:mjgrin:
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    Can Somalis have type 4 hair

    Warya @Geeska what's with the discrimination? Timo Jareer Lives matter